Shopify Buy Button

Add your products to any site or blog

Shopify Buy Button lets merchants generate an embeddable product card and checkout that can be placed on any type of website.

Add embeddable products to your site

Embed products or collections

Shopify generates the embed code which allows you to present your products exactly how you want.

Embed shopping cart

Quickly add a mobile friendly and secure shopping experience to your site. All the power of Shopify in a single button.

Customized for your brand

You have full control. With just a few clicks, customize colors to match your style.

Custom ecommerce Buy Button

Build a custom shopping experience anywhere

Anything is possible with the JavaScript Buy SDK

The JavaScript Buy SDK makes it easy for anyone to build a completely custom, branded online store on any website or platform.

Easily build unique shopping experiences like custom storefronts, lookbooks, sponsored content, and even advertisements, anywhere.

Learn about the JS Buy SDK

Add ecommerce to your blog in minutes

The Shopify Buy Button lets you sell on your site or blog for only $9/month

Learn more about buy buttons

  • A buy button is a shortcut to the checkout process. With the Shopify Buy Button, merchants can generate an embeddable product card and checkout button that can be added to landing pages or blog posts. This gives shoppers direct purchase access to the merchant's product from whatever web page they see the buy button on.

  • Use the following steps to add the Shopify Buy Button to your website:

    1. Add the Buy Button sales channel. In your Shopify admin, click the + button next to the Sales channels heading.
    2. On the Add sales channel dialog, click Buy Button to learn more about the sales channel.
    3. Click Add channel.
    4. To create a Buy Button, go back to your Shopify admin and go to Buy Button.
    5. Click Create a Buy Button.
    6. Click Product Buy Button.
    7. Select the product from your catalog or use the search to find a product. Click Select.
    8. Customize your Buy Button’s product variants, layout style, checkout behavior, etc.
    9. Click Next.
    10. Click Copy code.
    11. Open the HTML editor for the webpage where you want to display the Buy Button. Refer to Adding Buy Button code to HTML.
    12. Paste the code within the HTML where you want the Buy Button to appear, and then save your changes.