Facebook Shops

Build your store, your way, on Facebook Shops

Create a unique shopping experience for billions to discover your brand on Facebook and Instagram.

Prepare your store for the launch of Facebook Shops. Get the channel now and set up your products, so once it’s ready to show, you’ll be ready to sell.

Install Facebook

Showcase your brand and products

Customize your store, add products and get them in front of billions of Facebook users.

Offer a smooth shopping experience

Provide a consistent shopping experience, with easy product discovery.

Sell and fulfill from one inventory

Your Shopify back office stays synced across all the places you sell.

Selling made simple

Easy to set up and optimized for mobile, your Facebook Shops space will be powered by Shopify.

Get ready for a new way to sell

Customize your shop

Bring the look and feel of your Shopify store to Facebook Shops.

Create collections

Group items from your inventory to help customers discover your products.

Manage your shops across channels

Run a custom shopping experience for Instagram and Facebook in one place.

Give shoppers the best checkout experience

Instagram Checkout (beta) lets your customers complete an order without ever leaving Instagram.

Prepare your business

Install the Facebook channel

You’ll need to add the Facebook channel to your Shopify admin to get started.

Get your store launch-ready

Once Facebook Shops is available, your products will automatically move into the new experience.

Sync your product catalog

Connect your products by making them available to the Facebook channel.

Open your store

Customize and create collections to start selling on Facebook and Instagram — this new experience will let you sell on both from one admin.